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Mastering the Bio in Bioscience
Mastering the Bio in Bioscience™ Workshop
Principles, Skills, and Tools to Lead the Field™
On the campus of Pine Manor College, Chestnut Hill, MA
November 20-21, 2019 
You're in bioscience to positively impact people's lives. Even the best of us can struggle to achieve it in this era of complex science, big data and rapidly evolving technology. 

In the MBB Workshop™, we'll share skills and principles that will help you overcome the challenges of translating complex biology, clarify your technical path to success, and hone your ability to execute and deliver ahead of the curve.

We're more that management consultants. We've walked in your shoes.

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Five Special Features of the MBB Workshop 
  • You'll acquire skills not taught in school or learned on most jobs, shared by someone who has been there
  • You'll be challenged to think differently. ​MBB tools and principles will be illustrated with real-life examples and practiced with interactive group case studies.
  • You'll interact with like-minded high achievers – leaders and future leaders in bioscience
  • You'll leave well-equipped to reach your career goals
  • ​You'll receive ongoing benefits as part of the MBB group
We'll cover how to more easily:
• Maintain a mindful approach
• Use a long-range perspective as a guidepost on the fast track
• Create clarity in the complexity by prioritizing biological elements and processes (our special sauce)
• Perform at the pinnacle in your use of technology and ability
• Synthesize data and information to yield actionable knowledge and superior insight
• Formulate an astute research and development path
• Walk the innovation talk
• Design to dominate
• Manage to maintain momentum and “can-do” confidence in your team
• Execute successfully for maximum professional growth

Who should attend:
The workshop is for academic and industry professionals with a keen interest in the use and translation of bioscience, including company founders and ageless entrepreneurs. 

Participants are expected to be fully engaged and willing to put MBB principles to practice; working through case studies with members of the group.

Workshop requirements:
• An advanced degree in a relevant science or engineering discipline
• Responsibility for advancing biology-related research programs, therapies or devices
MBB can help you build some of the most valued connections of your career.
Ongoing MBB Benefits
Special Value
We want to make sure you have everything needed  to apply the principles and skills presented in the workshop. Upon  completion of the workshop you’ll receive a credit towards 3 hours of confidential one-on-one consulting with Nancy (a $1,500 value) to help you use MBB principles and skills in your unique situation.

Ongoing benefits
MBB alums will become a premier network of successful scientists and engineers in biotech, biopharma and academics – translating biology into successful applications with an exceptional track record.

As a member of the MBB group, you’ll have access to exclusive MBB material and be invited to future MBB members-only events. 
Workshop seats are limited!
We're keeping the workshop small to ensure it's value as both a learning and networking experience. 
Attend with one or more colleagues and receive a 10% group discount
Mastering the Bio in Bioscience
Principles, skills, and tools to lead the field
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